To describe Jean-Christophe Febbrari as unconventional would be an understatement. Born and raised on the French Riviera to an eclectic family that includes a professional stage actor, a Tibetan Lama and a karate black belt, the strikingly handsome and statuesque artist is anything but conventional.

Affectionately known as “JC,” Jean-Christophe studied psychology and theatre at Aix-En-Provence in France. It is there he fell in love with the transformative and magical allure of the stage. From light-hearted reenactments of American productions such as Grease and Dirty Dancing to the more serious side of French theatre in the production Children of the Labyrinth, he grew to appreciate all aspects of the stage, particularly the intimacy between audience and artist.

It was working with a variety of artists and the U.S. productions that made him a fan of Hollywood and all the promise it had to offer. While some of his colleagues preferred the more serious side of theatre, JC was never a fan of “one size fits all.” He loved acting, singing, dancing and music and felt theatre abroad would be a great avenue to showcase his talents. And so he set course, leaving his homeland for Los Angeles where his acting rite of passage
stateside began. Amid living in hostels and waiting tables he never lost sight of the goal firmly in mind.

His persistence paid off with a stint in the Vegas musical Notre-Dame de Paris. But ultimately it was his return to L.A., and his training with veteran method acting coach Rob Reece (a lifetime member of The Actors Studio) that changed not only his approach to acting but solidified his love of the craft.

As with all actors, JC had his share of professional triumphs as well as hurdles. After having one particular setback in both his professional and personal life, he called on his spiritual faith and asked for a sign. That evening while working at the restaurant, an impromptu performance of singing and dancing got JC noticed. He was approached by an agent who signed him on the spot. Within a year, he had a SAG card and landed a role on the ABC show Threat Matrix, and ensuing roles on Days of Our Lives, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money, Chuck and Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End. Additionally, after a long audition process, JC was cast as “The Host”, the Lead for the most anticipated NFL draft, in 2006 and its huge ESPN production that aired live from Radio city in NY city. One of his ongoing stage work included The prestigious Met Theatre production of Suzan-Lori Parks 365 Days/365 Plays.

Having played guitar since the age of 12, JC produced an acoustic covers album ( JC-fragile) in 2012. With such classics such as Simple Minds “Alive and Kicking,” Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” and Jacques Brel “Ne Me Quitte Pas,” JC toured the album for two years in various coffee shops and restaurants in and around the Los Angeles area. JC is also accomplished in martial arts having a black belt in Kung fu and won two silver medals at the 1992 Kung Fu French championship both in the fight tournament and the technical tournament for NanQuan (Chinese southern style).

JC is a firm believer in artists creating their own content, which is what he continues to do. Currently residing in Eagle Rock, California, he is toying with the idea of a short film while he splits his time between family, martial arts, his 10-year work/study with Mr. Reece and The Actors Studio, various music projects and his first love–the stage. A true, modern day Renaissance man.